Disgaea 1 Complete Game Play Updates!

Exciting news, dood! Patch v1.02 for Disgaea 1 Complete is now live for all Nintendo Switch and PlayStation4 users!

For a complete rundown of all the changes, check out the notes below.

Disgaea 1 Complete is available NOW on the Nintendo eShop and PlayStation Store.



  • Added a function to skip events.
  • Added an autosave function.
  • Changed battle mechanics when registered attacks can no longer be executed.
  • Added another level of camera zoom during battle.
  • Changed the display mechanics for Geo Panel Effects.
  • Improved movement function during special skills.
  • Added a list of characters being affected by multi-target skills.
  • Changed battle mechanics for heal and support skills.
  • Changed battle mechanics for giving up.
  • Changed option settings.
  • Changed the system mechanics for rearranging characters.
  • Changed the system mechanics for Dark Assembly Rank.
  • Added a function to skip skill animations.
  • Changed how the cursor acts in-game.
  • Changed information that is displayed.
  • Changed battle mechanics for End Turn.
  • Changed system mechanics of the Dark Assembly.
  • Changed the system mechanics of the hospital prizes.
  • Changed system mechanics of the Item Worlder.


Quality of Life:

  • Shortened the animations of Geo Panel effects.
  • Added a sorting function for Special Skills.
  • Added more functionality for arranging the order of characters.
  • Shortened the animations for the Bonus Gauge.
  • Increased the max level and effect of the "Statistician" Innocent.


  • Fixes a crash issue when players play for extended periods.
  • Level up animation will freeze the game if it keeps occurring.

Misc. System Fixes:

  • Item world maps that cannot be cleared without item was fixed.
  • When using Mr. Gency's Exit in the item world, some effects like brave heart will still remains.
  • Sometimes when attacked by fallen angel Flonne you will not take any damage.

Thank you for all your support and we hope that you are enjoying your adventure through the Netherworld so far!