Meet the Witch Brigade - Marginal Maze and Mad Raptor

Beneath the quiet town of Refrain, there lies a mysterious labyrinth filled with tantalizing  treasures, as well as toxic miasma that kills all who breathe it.
In light of this, Dusk Witch Dronya must send her witch brigade of puppet soldiers to explore the labyrinth on her behalf. 
Let's learn more about these instruments of war:

Marginal Maze
Guiding Lights Along the Dark Path
These donum masters are useful in nearly any formation. Their skills can amplify a coven's donum damage and reduce its DP consumption, and they can inflict Flame, Fog, and Mud elemental damage with their enchanted lamp posts.
Donum Master: Increases donum damage by 20%. Stacks with other party members.
Donum Efficiency: Reduces coven's DP consumption by 25%.
Mad Raptor
Mystical Snipers of Enemy Morale
Hunters who wield enchanted crossbows capable of inflicting Flame, Fog, and Mud elemental damage. They can't take more than a few hits, making them better suited as back-line attackers.
Crossbow Expert: Increases action speed by 75% and accuracy by 25% while equipped with a crossbow.
Fancy Footwork: ATK +50% for each attack you dodge until you are hit. (Caps at 500%.)
Want to know about the other puppets? 
Like what you're seeing? We'll meet more of Dronya’s puppet soldiers as we get closer to the release for Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam this September 18!