Add some style to your profile with the best Disgaea character ever, dood!

Looking to add some Netherworld style to your PlayStation and can’t find a belt-pouch small enough to fit around it? We’ve got you covered, dood! We dug through some of Lord Laharl’s old treasure coffers and found some sweet Avatars and Themes starring the greatest denizen in all the Disgaea games: the one and only Prinny! (Just don’t tell Master Etna we said that, dood!) Oh, and Lucky Board is here too. Click on them to snag them for free, dood!




Momotaro Prinny Avatar


Demon Lucky Board Avatar


Dancing Unagi Prinny Avatar


Lucky Board the Unagi Sushi Avatar


Late-to-Work Prinny Avatar


Lucky Board the Shrimp Tempura Avatar


Ninja Prinny Avatar


Ninja Lucky Board Avatar





Momotaro Prinny Theme


Unagi Prinny Theme


Late-to-Work Prinny Theme


Ninja Prinny Theme


Don’t wait for the sardines to go bad, dood! Head over to the PlayStation Store and pick up your free Prinny Avatars and Themes today!