Meet the minds of killer7 (Part 5 & 6)

killer7 chronicles the connection between two men whose intertwined path develop into a compelling tale of revenge and altering personas, propelling players into the consciousness of one man, Harman Smith and his seven different personalities.
Get to know two more personalities that make up the cast of killer7:
Kevin Smith
- Weapon: Knives/Throwing Knives
This albino man uses a knife as his weapon of choice. He can disappear into thin air by taking off his shades. He favors solitude over harmony. They say he's not a man of many words. But in actuality, no one has ever heard him speak. Some rumor that his voice can summon gods.
Kaede Smith
- Weapon: Automatic Pistol with Scope
The only girl in the killer entourage. She summons her deadly spirits by blasting out a shower of blood from her wrist. Because she lives a life so close to death, her ability to survive life-or-death situations is beyond that of any living man. Her specialty is long-range shooting. She's able to use a 2-step zoom when firing her weapon. On a personal level she's very passive and tends to keep her distance from others.
Make sure to meet the other winning personalities of killer7:
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