The Princess and the Pilot and YURUYURI Season 2 now in standard!

What does a princess and the members of the Amusement Club have in common? They're both now available as standard edition anime! Okay, so I'm maybe not great with making up jokes on the fly, but I'll get better, I swear. These two anime are pretty darn good though, so you should definitely check them out!

The Princess and the Pilot

We first released the Premium Edition for this anime way back in mid-2013 — that's even before I joined NIS America! This adventure through the sky will take you through all the ups and downs of a dangerous life-saving mission across a vast ocean and into enemy territory as one man tries to save the life of a beautiful princess.


This fun little anime follows the Amusement Club - a group of girls who get together after school to do...well, whatever they want! It's like if your mom told you to join a sport team after school and you decided to make a Calvinball team (But seriously, anyone want to join my team?). Their adventures are full of light-hearted fun, mixed with the awkward tensions that we all go through at some point on our way to growing up.

So that's my quick look at these two anime! If you're interested in more information, you can check out our websites for both The Princess and the Pilot and YURUYURI to read more about the characters and stories.

Yours in Prinny,
- Jordan

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