Avatars? Check. Prinnies? Check.

If you've been waiting, hoping, praying, crying, or craving for a way to get your favorite Disgaea 5 character as an avatar on PSN well then... stop! The wait is over, dood! We've just added a plethora of avatars for you to choose from. Check out everyone from Killia and Usalia to that cute/creepy undead maid

Not enough Disgaea 5 goodness for you? No worries, dood! We've got Prinnies here to party!

You can also download the newest patch for Disgaea 5 if you haven't already. The patch takes care of a couple of text issues, and lets you download (and recruit!) five new Prinny pals to the party. Each of these Prinnies has its own special ability or strength that will help—or hinder?—you on your way to Netherworld domination! 

Yours in Prinny,
- Jordan

Tags: Disgaea, DLC