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Meet Mayu. She is a cat god, but because she could not stop getting in trouble, she has been cast down from the heavens and is now doomed to suffer on Earth! Oh, no! But then, one day, she is taken in by the earnest and kind Yuzu, who owns an antiques shop called "Antiques Unlimited." As Yuzu is quick to learn, Mayu's laziness knows no bounds, as she would rather play video games than turn over a new leaf. The everyday tales of this cat god and her harrowing adventures to the candy shop, a landfill, and a beach resort show Mayu and her friends that sometimes, the simplest things in life are the best. There is also Gonta, who is obsessed with Yuzu, but Mayu wanted his role in this summary to be minimal. So there you have it.
Complete Series Premium Edition
  • Release Date: June 4th, 2013
  • Genre: Slice-of-life, comedy, fantasy
  • Age Rating: Teen
  • 2 Blu-ray disc set
  • Total of 12 episodes + 1 (OVA)
  • Runtime: 308 mins
  • Original Japanese voice acting with English subtitles
  • Bonus content: Clean openings and endings for each episode, 7 bonus mini-episodes
  • Premium box with bonus item: 32-page hardcover art book (approx. 11" x 7") that that provides a deeper viewing experience with illustrations, and additional personal touches provided by each of the characters from The Everyday Tales of a Cat God!

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Cast Mayu Haruka Tomatsu
Yuzu Komiya Yui Horie
Sasana Shousouin Ai Kayano
Meiko Ayana Taketatsu
Yoshino MAKO
Gonta Yuko Sanpei
Shamo Aki Toyosaki
Staff Original Comic FLIPFLOPs
(AKITASHOTEN "Champion Red Ichigo")
Director Hiroaki Sakurai
Series Composition / Screenplay Touko Machida
Screenplay Tomoko Komparu
Tatsuya Takahashi 
Masahiro Yokotani
Character Design / Animation Supervisor Atsuko Watanabe
Art Setting Design Office Mecaman
Art Director Yoshihiro Nakamura
Color Design Sachiko Urushido
Director of Photography Hideki Imaizumi
Editor Takeshi Sakurai
Music Jun Abe
Seiji Muto
Sound Director Yasunori Ebina
Animation Production AIC PLUS+
Production "Nekogami Yaoyorozu" Partners
Opening Theme  Kamisama to Issho
(Together With Our God)
"Mayu" - Haruka Tomatsu 
"Yuzu Komiya" - Yui Horie 
Ending Theme  Oh My God♥ Haruka Tomatsu
Tale 7: Ending Theme 
Yaoyorozu Ondo 
(Antiques Unlimited Marching Song )
"Mayu" - Haruka Tomatsu 
"Gonta" - Yuko Sanpei