From tons of damage to tons of special features, Disgaea 4 Complete+ has more cool things than us Prinnies can handle, dood! Luckily for us, we're joined by the Netherworld's favorite Doodtubers, Witch and Samurai, as they cover the Top 10 Coolest Things in Disgaea 4 Complete+ in their new video!


Also, if you're itching to dive into the action, a FREE demo for Disgaea 4 Complete+ is available now* on PSN and Nintendo eShop! Smash through the first full chapter of Lord Valvatorez's fiery cam-pain, and carry over your save data to the full game, dood!


*NOTE: Disgaea 4 Complete+ demo will be available for EU regions October 16.



Disgaea 4 Complete+ comes out October 29. Preorder the Limited Edition or Standard Edition here to score some sweet merch items, dood!



Thanks for reading! We’ll be seeing you in Hades, dood!