Patch 1.03 for Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny is live now, and addresses the following issues:


- Fixes the damage rank for Bieko’s skill "Rumbley-Rumbley".

- Fixes an error that sometimes occurred with names from the Random Name Generator.

- Lag and glitch issues during Auto-Battle and Highspeed Mode have been improved.

- Fixes “Save Icon” options for characters from the Special Contents Shop.

- Fixes notifications after clearing Rakshasa V.


- Prinny's battle voice no longer fires off twice.


- DLC Shop: Erroneous "Season Pass Bonus" item text removed.

-- Although previously listed in-game, these items are not currently available in the US release. We will be working on a future update and hope to include these items in the game; please follow our social media pages for updates.


Thanks for reading!