(UPDATE: Craft 'n Stream moved to Tuesday, December 3. 2019. Dates below have been updated accordingly.)


We Prinnies do more than just eat sardines and throw things, dood! We’ve got a creative side that’s ready to explode, and there’s no better place we could think to share it than on the NISA stream, dood!


On Tuesday, December 3, we’ll be debuting our Craft ‘n Stream format, where we will be making fun, easy-to-follow art projects based on NISA titles, and we would love for all of you to get artsy with us, dood! We’ll provide a list of materials for each project, and all you have to do is gather supplies, tune in to the stream on the designated dates, and follow along with us. It’s as simple as that, dood!


So without further ado, behold our first ever Craft ‘n Stream project, dood!



Tah-dah! We’ll be making a Pom Pom Prinny, dood! This cuddly companion hails from the finest corners of Hades, and (probably) won’t explode when thrown, dood!


Check out the list below for everything you will need to craft this adorable denizen of the Netherworld!





1 ball or skein of blue “bulky” yarn (Sample uses weight #5)

1 ball or skein of white “bulky” yarn (Sample uses weight #5)

1 sheet of yellow craft foam

1 sheet of brown craft foam

1 sheet of purple craft foam

1 pair of googly eyes

Quick Dry Tacky Glue

1 brown chenille stem


Black thin-tipped pen

A safety pin, sewing pin, or small clip (recommended for convenience)



You may also find these patterns below useful if you’re looking for some guidance on a couple of Prinny parts, dood:



(Note: 1 inch is equal to 2.54 cm.)


So there you have it, dood! Join us on Tuesday, December 3, at 5:00 PM PT on Twitch as we show you the steps to craft these perfectly poofy Prinnies, along with our usual gameplay goodness! See you there, dood!