Welcome to the final week of our NISAWEEN 2019 Contest! I must say, this has truly been a memorable experience, and I am so incredibly touched to have shared it with all of you, my dear vassals. So many laughs, so many scares, so much food. I’m almost sad to see it go! Fenrich, it is only fitting that we end this contest on a spectacular note! Wouldn’t you agree?


If it means an end to these trivial proceedings, I am inclined to agree with you, my Lord.


You’re right, Fenrich! Lamenting the end is indeed trivial, so let’s get on with it! Fenrich, please reveal the glorious final challenge to our loyal participants!


As you wish, my Lord. Vassals, your challenge this week is to carve a pumpkin. Any design will be accepted, and any type of pumpkin will suffice. Even fake pumpkins, if you so wish. Post your carvings--


Fenrich, that’s not how the line goes! Read what’s on the page!


Lord Val, with all due respect, the way you wrote this is...well, silly.


That’s the idea, Fenrich! This is a time for celebration and jubilation! The only way to proceed through this contest is with a smile. Now read the brilliant line that I wrote for this section!


…*sigh* As you wish, my Lord. Pattern and prune your pumpkins with pride and precision and post them on Facebook and Twitter. Are you satisfied, my Lord?


Music to my ears, Fenrich! Oh, don’t forget to tell them about the hashtags.


But of course. Make sure you include the tags #NISAWEEN2019 and #PUMPKIN with your posts, or else the vassals at NISA will be unable to…*sigh* procure your picturesque pumpkin from the pile of participants’ entries.


Beautifully spoken, Fenrich. Such wonderful prose could only have come from the mind of a mad genius!


“Mad” is certainly the operative word here, my Lord.


Now, it has come to my attention that there are vassals out there who lack the unfathomable imagination of an Overlord such as myself, and may not be able to come up with something to carve into their pumpkins. So I’ve decided to help you all out a bit. Fenrich, reveal my wonderful gift to our contestants!


Very well, my Lord. Vassals, behold...

...It looks like a picture of a lowly Prinny, my Lord.


It’s not just any picture of a Prinny, Fenrich! It is the perfect tool for a pristine pumpkin carving: a Prinny stencil! Vassals, if you find yourselves lacking inspiration, feel free to use this as the base of your pumpkin carving! No need to thank me, just get to carving!


A most generous offer, my Lord. Speaking of offers, wouldn’t it be pertinent to inform them about the special prize for this week’s challenge?


Ah yes, of course, Fenrich! Listen closely, vassals! I’ve decided to switch things up for this final NISAWEEN challenge. The lucky winners of this week’s challenge will receive a prize package containing a Trails of Cold Steel III Mishy Fleece Throw and Class VII Medallion, Disgaea 4 Complete+ Valvatorez Patch, and 3 poster set featuring Disgaea 4 Complete+, Trails of Cold Steel III, and The Alliance Alive HD Remastered! Now how’s that for a grand finale!? Any closing thoughts before we send the vassals on their way, Fenrich?


For full rules and information, visit our contest website. And despite the silly alliteration earlier, our warning remains: DO NOT FORGET to tag both #NISAWEEN2019 and #PUMPKIN in your entries. That should do, Lord Val.


Perfect! Now get to carving your pumpkins, vassals! We will choose our final winners one week from now!