Welcome, my devoted followers, to another week of NISAWEEN 2019! I must say, conjuring up all these brilliant ideas for our weekly challenges has left me feeling...hungry. Fenrich, there is but one course of action that will satisfy me! Do you know what it is?


Of course I do, my Lord. I shall prepare a fresh gallon of human blood for you.


No, no, no, Fenrich! That is not at all what I had in mind! I meant that our next NISAWEEN challenge will be all about food! And since we’re in the middle of spooky season, it won’t just be any type of food. I shall make this week’s challenge...A TREAT-RELATED CHALLENGE! How could you not surmise that, Fenrich?


What? I…*ahem* I mean...my apologies, Lord Val. I do not know how I could miss SUCH an obvious and sensible line of thought.


Well, don’t let it happen again, Fenrich! We have a contest to run, and we cannot afford any mistakes this far in! Anyway, for this week’s challenge, I call upon all of you to tell us your favorite treats from any NIS America game! From ABC Gum to Taiyaki, share your choice of munchies on Facebook and Twitter, and tag both #NISAWEEN2019 and #TREAT in your post so that the NISA vassals can find your entry! Such a sweet and scrumptious challenge will whet even the mightiest appetites in the Netherworld!


Lord Val, talking about food and actually eating it are not at all the same thi--


Silence, Fenrich! I wasn’t through yet. As always, we will pick two winners at the end of the week, and they will each receive a prize package containing a Disgaea 4 Complete+ Valvatorez Patch, Trails of Cold Steel III Class VII Medallion, and 3-poster set for Disgaea 4 Complete+, Trails of Cold Steel III, and The Alliance Alive HD Remastered. Such decadence! My genius strikes again, Fenrich!


A most delectable and appetizing proposition, my Lord.


Now, dearest vassals, if you have any questions, you can make your way to the contest website to review all the rules and information for this glorious new round of NISAWEEN festivities. And DO NOT FORGET to tag both #NISAWEEN2019 and #TREAT in your entries, or else your entries will remain lost in the deepest depths of Hades, never to be seen!


...Lord Val, your propensity for exaggeration is most remarkable.