Entry Five

Hello everyone,

Alan here back with another update!

With the Thanksgiving holiday behind us, we are diligently at work on the main text of the game.

Today, we just finished reworking the graphic text. Graphic text refers to those visual text items in-game that appear as an image and need to be drawn by a graphic designer. What exactly these items are vary from game to game, but in Ys VIII’s case, they refer to the boss and location names that appear when you first visit an area or fight a boss, as well as the Tips and Help sections.

The reason we prioritized the graphic text is because designers need time to actually draw and arrange things and require a sufficient amount of lead time. With graphic text now complete and sent off to Japan, we have moved onto the non-voiced parts of the script.

Also, as promised, we were able to get some of the voice files from the recent re-record and I’m pleased to share them here! You will hear Laxia and Dana introducing themselves and Sahad being Sahad!




I hope you enjoy these and are looking forward to hearing the entirely re-voiced script in the game!

Take care,